Premier League risk register expands following BI-linked lawsuit launch

By 21st April 2022 October 12th, 2022 News
Insurance Times

As a number of Premier League football clubs initiate BI-related legal action against insurers, Insurance Times explores the myriad risks that footballers and clubs could encounter in today’s post-pandemic landscape.

Christina Bradley, our technical director, pointed out that each football club involved in the legal action will effectively have had the same BI policy wordings and suffered the same type of losses.

“During the pandemic, we saw instances – especially in Covid business interruption cases – of claims being rejected on the basis of ambiguous and complex legal arguments as justification for [insurers] avoiding their liabilities, excusing this with various iterations of ‘unprecedented’ and ‘unpredicted’.” Bradley noted that if this latest BI case proves that the giants of the Premier League have a valid claim in tackling their insurers, then it will raise clear concerns around what smaller businesses – with far less resources – have had to deal with”.