Claims resolution

Mactavish launched its claims resolution service in 2016. This pioneered a revolutionary approach to helping clients resolve complex insurance claims – and three years on it is still consistently delivering fairer claims outcomes for our clients.

In recent years there have been a string of major successes, with Mactavish clients having had their claims settled quickly and fairly across a broad range of industries.

We help clients obtain rapid and fair payment of insurance claims across all classes of insurance and at various stages: from early intervention immediately following a new loss, to driving resolution of long-standing disputes with insurers.

Pre-loss claims planning:

We review your coverage ahead of time to identify the critical claims-related terms and conditions on all relevant policies. From there, we develop a pre-loss protocol that defines the ground-rules for large or complex claims management in your business, avoiding the all too common scope for prejudicing a large or complex claim.

Early intervention:

Mactavish provides early intervention services in the immediate aftermath of a large or complex claim to ensure communications are properly managed, insurance contract obligations are adhered to, coverage is not jeopardised by breaching key terms and the presentation of the claim maximises the potential for a positive outcome. This support combines Mactavish’s core insurance placement and contractual skill-set with leading insurance barristers’ expert legal knowledge.

Claims resolution and negotiation strategy:

We provide analysis and help develop a resolution strategy for a potential or actual dispute with insurers. This service is an alternative to formal litigation or arbitration. Combining Mactavish’s policy wording, insurance law and commercial negotiation skills with targeted legal analysis by expert insurance barristers to assess the validity of the points in dispute. From there, we can work with you to develop a plan to negotiate and agree rapid claims settlement.

Download our guide to claims management here.

Click here to download our guide to claims management