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Unprecedented increases in insurance rates, erosion of policy quality, and increases in claims disputes are a few examples of the systemic effects on the ongoing insurance hard market that continues to expose commercial policyholders to the risk of considerable losses.

  • Would you be able to recover losses in the event of a claim?
  • Are you paying too much for insurance cover that has no value?

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In the last 12 months, the most common commercial insurance challenges uncovered by Mactavish research are:

More disputed

Significant increases in premium

Unavailability of cover for some critical insurance lines

Is your business at risk?

To understand whether you are at risk of being underserved by the market, answer these simple questions:

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How does the Mactavish Health Check work?

Three simple steps to develop a reliable insurance programme centered
on your specific needs to protect your business

Assesesment of your risks and insurance needs
Our technical experts consult with you and your team to develop an understanding of the key needs of your insurance programme based on your current risk profile and any impact of recent financial or operational changes.

Review of your insurance programme
We review your insurance documentation under a 7-point process to identify critical limitations based on your risk profile.

Key findings report and recommendation plan
The findings and recommendations from our analysis in each area are presented in a detailed report with a clear actions summary to help you prioritise issues in order of magnitude and urgency.

Talk to our experts

Talk to one of our experts to assess the reliability of your insurance programme to protect your business against foreseeable risks.

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