Some things will go back to normal. Insurance shouldn’t be one of them.


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Driving better insurance outcomes


Mactavish has historically supported clients in two ways:

But since the Coronavirus Crisis businesses have undergone such traumatic shocks they do not always know if they have an insurance problem and so we have launched a third way in which we support clients.

We now provide a Coronavirus Crisis Response service to assess whether the losses you have suffered as a result of the crisis may be covered by any insurances or whether you need to make any urgent notifications to insurers in respect of your legal liabilities

With over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, Mactavish combines commercial expertise with deep technical and legal knowledge to deliver solutions that we believe are unique in the UK market.

Clients partner with Mactavish when they experience challenges with their insurance programme:

  • Their insurance premiums are increasing and their broker has told them there is nothing they can do
  • They’re unsure if the policies they are being offered will perform in the way they expect
  • They have made a significant claim that is being disputed by the insurer
  • They are unsure if they have a valid claim or not

If you recognise these challenges get in touch today so that we can start driving better insurance outcomes for you.

Client Feedback

Delighted about the core service

I have been working with Mactavish over the last few months on a number of projects. In addition to being delighted about the core service I have also been pleasantly surprised about the focus they place on the unique features of our industry and how these can impact our requirements.

Tracey Skinner - Director, Insurance & Risk Financing

We have nothing but praise for Mactavish

Overall we have nothing but praise for Mactavish. The business and its people are second to none and we have very high levels of trust in the business. It is rare to find advisers which we can say this about.

Peter Vermeulen
Deputy Vice Chancellor and Director of Finance

I can offer greater assurance.

As an Insurance Buyer, Mactavish have been able to give me greater confidence in the quality of the insurance policy wordings they have worked on. This does help me sleep at night! Mactavish manage diplomatically to force insurers to put their cards on the table and engage reasonably. The integrity of wordings becomes much improved.

Dixons Carphone
Andrew Hanton
Group Insurance Manager

Case study – Mactavish achieves a 33% premium saving for a major construction company

In 2019 Mactavish was engaged by a UK-based construction company with a brief to manage costs while improving the quality and reliability of its cover.

The incumbent broker had told the client that its premiums would increase significantly at renewal and that they would have to move to a standard broker/insurer wording that would not take into account the changes they had previously negotiates.

Mactavish ran a written lines tender creating head-to-head competition between two brokers. The result was a 33% premium saving against the incumbent brokers offer and acceptance of a range of bespoke policy changes that left the client better protected.

On one policy alone, the Mactavish policy was better than the broker wording on 20 points of coverage and law.

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Independent, Objective, Unique

Mactavish prides itself on offering independent advice to clients. Unlike brokers and many specialized insurance lawyers, we don’t take commissions or fees from insurers or any service providers.

Our revenue is generated entirely from policyholders, and we have invested heavily in developing direct relationships with insurance buyers. This enables us to act purely in our clients’ best interests and ensures we explore all avenues to resolution.

Mactavish’s skill set combines cutting-edge risk analysis with an unparalleled understanding of insurance law, commercial placement and the insurance market – positioning us as the perfect trusted advisor to any insurance buyer.

Our ability to draw on the experience of the best insurance barristers, risk engineers, and forensic accountants means that we have the leading claims management service in the sector and, in respect of placement, can properly scrutinise policies and contracts to ensure your company gets the expert advice you need.