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Unique challenges require bespoke solutions

In our experience, the investment sector is an area of the market that is not well served by conventional insurance approaches.
There is a common assumption that insurance is a commodity; One policy is very much like another, and price is the key differentiating factor.

In reality, a commercial insurance policy is a complex financial instrument designed to support risk transfer.
As the insurance market tends to move towards standardised models, the operational, reputational and financial complexity of investment firms are not well represented.

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Take the pulse of your insurance programme today

In the context of unprecedented risk changes, marked by the  Ukraine/Russia crisis, rising inflation and substantial supply chain disruptions, we are expecting the hard market the insurance market currently finds itself in, to culminate to higher premiums, restricted cover and increased difficultly negotiating complex claims.

Combined with a lack of technical risk analysis, inadequate policy wordings will become worthless when considered alongside real-world loss scenarios and undefendable claim disputes.

At Mactavish, we have developed a unique service for investment firms, that simultaneously builds an accurate picture of your real-world risk profile, analyses your policy wordings to identify gaps in coverage or areas in which insurance does not perform as you expect and drives down costs.
The first step is to take the pulse of your programme today.